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  • What is your identity? December 31, 2016
    God created us in His own image. Human beings are easily identifiable since we share a common exterior, although eye, hair and skin...
  • Naomi December 15, 2016
    The story of Ruth begins with a famine in the land of Israel. Elimelech, a man from Bethlehem, moved his wife Naomi, and their two s...
  • Rebuke the devil! November 3, 2016
    Some Christians believe they not only have the authority to rebuke Satan, but that they should be rebuking him right and left. There...

January fruit sprouts!

God bless you and thank you so much for traveling with me through this amazing life with our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so excited because this month we had 32 people at service last Thursday! I know that we’re not supposed to measure our success by the number of... read more

Be Loyal to your friends

Loyalty is so hard. Being loyal to Jesus is even harder. Dive into this amazing teaching on Loyalty written by the Holy Spirit and delivered by Phil Fischer at tonight’s service at Seattlerevival.com.... read more