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  • November teaching: Cherith: Place of Separation November 1, 2017
    There are times when God commands us to separate from people or activities. If you are not a fan of solitude, this can be an intimid...
  • Discipleship and Christian Evangelism October 14, 2017
    Why did God create man? He did not need us. It was not because He was lonely. Long before we were here, God already had “company” wi...
  • Questioning God September 20, 2017
    Is it wrong to question God? Should mankind, limited in knowledge and understanding, object to an all- knowing God? The key to this...

October brings new fruit

So many people showing up for Jesus Lives on Thursday,  its unbelievable! God is bringing in the fruit and I am so excited  to be used. God is so great, he takes the ones at the bottom and uses them to humble the ones at the top. God gave me a vision to get a building... read more

Be Loyal to your friends

Loyalty is so hard. Being loyal to Jesus is even harder. Dive into this amazing teaching on Loyalty written by the Holy Spirit and delivered by Phil Fischer at tonight’s service at read more