Read through the Psalms and you’ll find the real hit songs. Psalm 16, 23, 45, 46, 63, 103, 119, and 145 (to name a few)–– those are the real chart toppers! If God were to have a Billboard Top 100 list, you’d better believe He’d have the beautiful worship songs known as the Psalms occupying quite a bit of space at the top of the chart.

Why have those songs remained atop the list of great worship music through the ages? Is it their catchiness? Their eloquence? Maybe a little. Perhaps the Psalms are so great because of their face-melting guitar licks and brilliant music videos? Not in the least. What makes these particular songs so great in God’s eyes is their ability to capture the essence of Him. Unlike so many of today’s songs, the triumph of the Psalms is found in their authentic praise of God.

As I ponder such beautiful worship music, I can’t help but grow in my desire to write music of similar stature. I want my music synced with the songs of the angels, who forever worship God around His throne (Revelation 4-5), proclaiming “Holy” over and over. This is what I long for and strive for–– to give to God the glory due His name (Psalm 29).

Really, I’ll settle for nothing less with my music. He deserves far better than what he’s getting from most of today’s music. And so, I’m striving to write the hits. Maybe they’ll be catchy and eloquent. Maybe they’ll have face-melting guitar licks and we’ll shoot cool music videos for them. But, above all, they’ll worship God–– giving Him what He’s worthy of.

Amen. Who’s with me?