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  • Hope Anchors The Soul May 20, 2018
    Hold on… pain ends! HOPE! As long as we are anchored to Christ, we have hope. Hardships and trials may rock our boat but never our f...
  • Building others up! May 4, 2018
    The very first Christians expected to suffer. Jesus warned them that they would flogged, hated, and persecuted because, “Everyone wh...
  • This Easter, be God’s Sweet Fragrance April 1, 2018
    When God created Adam and Eve, I believe His intention was to give them the capacity to enjoy the world He had created. The garden t...

December Diary, lets put on the new Man

We all struggle with sin and this Christmas is no different. Different sins plague each of us but we all fall short in the eyes of God. It is a lifelong battle to “put off” our old nature and replace it with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. But this is God’s desire,... read more

Be Loyal to your friends

Loyalty is so hard. Being loyal to Jesus is even harder. Dive into this amazing teaching on Loyalty written by the Holy Spirit and delivered by Phil Fischer at tonight’s service at read more