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  • God Is Never Bewildered Or Limited January 22, 2018
    “It expands my faith to know that God is not limited to working in ways I can understand.” ~Sandra Byrd Have you been distracted by...
  • Delayed Obedience January 8, 2018
    The self-will of mankind has caused us much suffering and loss. We like to plan our course and then move forward without asking God...
  • Unwrapping The Mysteries of God this Christmas December 13, 2017
    God’s love is a gift. Like a Christmas present sitting under a tree, He waits for us to embrace Him and unwrap His glorious mysterie...

December Diary, lets put on the new Man

We all struggle with sin and this Christmas is no different. Different sins plague each of us but we all fall short in the eyes of God. It is a lifelong battle to “put off” our old nature and replace it with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. But this is God’s desire,... read more

Be Loyal to your friends

Loyalty is so hard. Being loyal to Jesus is even harder. Dive into this amazing teaching on Loyalty written by the Holy Spirit and delivered by Phil Fischer at tonight’s service at read more