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  • Let Iron Sharpen Iron! August 15, 2018
    The following Bible verse reminds us to be aware of the company we keep. The people we hang with will certainly influence our thinki...
  • Gaining the Characteristics Of Jesus July 31, 2018
    A personal goal of mine is to spend time with Jesus Oswald Chambers is one of my favorite authors. I can always find a gem in his wo...
  • Walk in the spirit July 30, 2018
    Emotions and Walking In The Spirit   Be patient with personal emotions What would the world be like if everyone acted without hesita...

Rainy June

Dear Diary- I am so grateful and happy that the ministry that God gave me is growing. Last night we had 43 people in attendance not counting the kids. I know its not about the number, but I thought back today to two years ago when I would set out three chairs and no... read more

Be Loyal to your friends

Loyalty is so hard. Being loyal to Jesus is even harder. Dive into this amazing teaching on Loyalty written by the Holy Spirit and delivered by Phil Fischer at tonight’s service at read more