Rainy June

Dear Diary-

I am so grateful and happy that the ministry that God gave me is growing. Last night we had 43 people in attendance not counting the kids. I know its not about the number, but I thought back today to two years ago when I would set out three chairs and no one would come. I was reminded of the three chairs I used to set out, hoping and praying for someone to come.

One night in 2016 I was so discouraged. Another night of com… Read More

December Diary, lets put on the new Man

We all struggle with sin and this Christmas is no different.

Different sins plague each of us but we all fall short in the eyes of God. It is a lifelong battle to “put off” our old nature and replace it with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. But this is God’s desire, and He is faithful to provide us with the grace and strength to live according to His will.

We became new creatures the moment we accepted Jesus as the Lord … Read More

November- Falling leaves

The leaves are falling in Seattle and so is the rain, good grief 11 inches in two days and its not letting up! The good news is that everyone is on fire for Jesuslives.com and people are coming from all walks of life. I am so happy that people are receiving the love of Jesus Christ and I am happy that God is using me to spread the Gospel in this way.

I want to thank Jesus for the blessing he gave to me and I will use that money for the go… Read More

October brings new fruit

So many people showing up for Jesus Lives on Thursday,  its unbelievable! God is bringing in the fruit and I am so excited  to be used. God is so great, he takes the ones at the bottom and uses them to humble the ones at the top.

God gave me a vision to get a building in down town Seattle somewhere and begin sharing the gospel to the homeless of Seattle.

Lord, I pray that this vision comes to pass Lord. I pray that you open every d… Read More

September Leaves

September is an awesome time in Seattle because the leaves turn Gold and it begins to rain. Normally I would not wish the rain but it could not come sooner than it did this year because as you know the summer was long and it was hot. 94 days with no rain. We had to set up air conditioners in several places for service on Thursday. It was upwards of 98 degrees on some days and that is too hot for Seattle! Even do, Jesus was doing amaz… Read More

August us HOT!

It was 100 degrees here in Seattle today. 100 degrees. So hot! I went and purchased some air conditioners and cropped two of them in the windows of the fireside room at church and put fans in front of those and left them on for a few hours before service just to make sure it was decent in the room for service at 7:30!

Jesus lives is also getting hot. I am so thankful to Jesus for using me to spread the gospel to the lost here in Seatt… Read More