New Believer

Phil’s first Christian album since he came to Christ has just been finished in the winter of 20011 and was written purposely for both non believer’s and his base overseas where many want to hear the explosive guitar driven choruses, and whispered verses. While the album has only been out for a year, it has received over 13,189,000 downloads. You won’t hear him on the label controlled radio, so please support his ministry.

Norm Stockton, Rod Lincoln, and many well known Christian artists from all over the globe came together for this body of work including Ed Kerr, whose anointed piano can be heard on “Road through the wilderness”. A perfect gift for the struggling Christian or non-believer going through a trial, that needs encouragement, and its FREE! Phil does not charge for his music.

Downloading is really easy, click the arrow icon beside the song of your choice, and it will automatically download to your computer. If the song plays in your browser, right click the arrow icon and select ‘Save As’.

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